A huge success for Quest SuperKomat 2013, it was a spectacular night in history of martial arts and all fans enjoyed watching their favorite fighters showing a brilliant performance, and other fans who missed coming to the venue watch the fight live on Dubai Sports 2. All fights were interesting as they were matched up perfectly, Bogdan Superkombat champion overcame Eisa’s power and won him by decision, and Tofan officially qualified to SuperKombat Grand Prix 2013 by knocking out Joe in the very first round We would like to thanks all medias and fans, and we want them to be ready for the next Quest championship in the early future

Official Results: SuperFights:

Taha defeated Hamidreza by decision – K-1 Rules

Khodoum vs Salim was confirmed as a draw — K-1 Rules

Shokhin defeated Jamshidi by TKO in 2nd round – MMA Rules

Reza Khatami defeated Elyor by decision – K-1 Rules

Mohammad Ali Bayat defeated Ali Abdi by decision – Boxing Rules

Bogdan stoica defeated Eisa Ramezani by decision – K-1 Rules

SuperKombat  GrandPrix Qualification: * Tofan Piran defeated Joe Booyber by KO in 1st round – K-1 Rules.

Bogdan vs Eisa