Askren, a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion and 2008 Olympian, is certainly a top welterweight, but he and White have had a rocky relationship.

After Askren, 30, got his requested Bellator release, he met with UFC officials. But a deal never came to fruition, and back in November, White suggested Askren sign with WSOF to gain more experience. Askren ultimately referred to White as a “bald-headed fat man” and said he was content with his deal with the burgeoning ONE FC promotion.

On Saturday, following UFC 177 in Sacramento, White was asked about Askren to see if his stance has changed.

“I think if he keeps winning, he could get a shot over here,” White said (watch his full post-UFC 177 media scrum below.

So bygones could be bygones?

“Listen, Ben Askren said a lot of stupid sh-t when he left, but I don’t care about stuff like that,” White said. “I could care less about any of that. We’ll see how the kid fights, what he keeps doing, and we’ll go from there. Contrary to popular belief – well, no, I do hold grudges if you’re a real idiot. Yeah, I’ll hold a grudge until the day I drop dead.

“But with fighters, I don’t really do that with fighters. These guys are built differently than everybody. They’re tough, man, and this is what they do for a living, and they’re going to say stuff like that. If Tito (Ortiz) could come back to the UFC, anybody can come in here. Believe me, because there’s nobody on earth I hated more than Tito. And Tito came back. You don’t have to like them to do business with them. So we’ll see.”