Patrice Quetron has recently released a video on his official  youtube channel about a phone call from Mike Passenier, Badr Hari’s coach and manager, to Patrice Quetron’s team who tries to convince Quetron not to fight on 16th of October, 2014 in GFC 4 .

Patrice Quetron claims Badr Hari’s manager, Mike, tried to pay him off to not fight Badr Hari as Badr is afraid of him, but in an interview with K1Power Mike Passenier explains that he didn’t have any intension to cancel the fight. He just didn’t want Badr to fight in Dubai, as he think that Badr fighting a french fighter in Morocco would be a better idea.

“In reaction to the video of the recorded phone conversation I would like to share my side of the story before it blows up. The reason for the conversation is that a huge event is being organised in Morocco. It should be clear that Badr Hari is extremely popular and an event in his own country is a dream of his and the expectations will be very high. It will be the biggest fight sport event in Africa since Ali versus Foreman in Zaïre with an expected crowd between 45.000-50.000.

For this event we have been looking for a fitting opponent. To get the people in Morocco pumped for the fight we found out that a French speaking opponent would be ideal because the language is casually spoken in Morocco, rather than English which still gives most people there trouble. Additionally, Patrice is a guy who does not shy away from trashtalk and knows how to use the internet to make a fight personal. This is the reason we thought it would be smarter to do him a business proposition to relocate the fight, because if he wouldd be knocked out for example or lost to another opponent it would be more difficult to build up the fight in Morocco. If Badr decided not to fight it would have huge consequences for an organisation like GFC. In the conversation we made a very generous offer in which we would double his purse and even give him an advance to cover his preparation cost to the currently scheduled fight. That’s it. In the meantime we have been discussing this with GFC and they have showed nothing but understanding and would like to solve this in a satisfactory way for all parties.

It’s too bad the conversation has been edited to make Badr sound scared, but it says more about them then it does about us. Despite this we are not angry or bitter and will continue to organise the biggest fightsport event in Africa,” Mike Passenier.

The question is, is it that easy to cancel a fight with GFC in Dubai? Don’t they have any certain contract with their fighters?