After several appearances in different kickboxing competitions in the United Arab Emirates, Khdoum Al Kaabi and Haitham Al Zarouni, two local UAE fighters were able to step on the podium in an International Event. Out of two local fighters, Khodoum Al Kaabi and Haitham Al Zarouni received bronze and silver medal respectively at WMO World Martial Arts Championships Arena 2015 in UK , Rugby City.

Both fighters have mentioned that they owe their success to Abdollah Ghasemi the official promoter of WFN in United Arab Emirates as he was the one who introduced them to such events.

Abdollah Ghasemi and his team are expecting a warm welcome when they reach home country.

Khodoum Al Kaabi - Bronze Medal Haitham Al Zarouni - Silver Medal UAE Flag on the Podium Opening Cermony 12079313_10206863962936291_4016029710641668770_n